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Procedure and T & C's

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Landlord's Electrical Report

A formal domestic Electrical Installation Condition Report (E.I.C.R.) in Putney costs £180.00 all inclusive.

An E.I.C.R. is a technical document issued after inspecting and testing is completed. It is often requested
by Lenders from Purchasers of property and by Insurance Companies from Block Managers. In 2020 it became
a requirement of domestic Landlords to obtain one for rental purposes.

EICR Procedure In BRIEF:

We do the inspection and testing.
We give a summary of the results, issue the bill and ask for payment.
Any works needed are billed separately but do not have to be done by us.
We issue the "Satisfactory" EICR as a PDF.

EICR Procedure In DETAIL with T & C's:

If you wish to proceed, we will ask for answers to the questions shown. You can copy and paste the following into an email.  

1. You confirm you wish to proceed and we agree a convenient date / time.
Usually 11.30am or 3.00pm weekdays.

2. You supply the following information:

- The full address

- Which name shall we put on the EICR for "Client/Landlord/Person ordering the work"?

- The "occupant" is usually given as "Tenants", ok?

- Shall we put your home address on the EICR or use the site address?

- Are there any known problems e.g. tripping fuses or broken accessories?

It may be possible to replace some items at the time, which is the lowest cost method
e.g. white double socket supplied and fitted for £15
Please ask your tenants to report any known issues in advance.
Pictures by WhatsApp or email please. Go to "Home/24 hour service" for number.
We don't "look for work" but the installation needs to be safe.

- Were there any Reports or Certificates issued within the last
two years even if you have lost them?

- Is it necessary to bring a stepladder to reach the fuse box?

- Ideally, a mobile number to text a reminder (usually to Tenant) an hour before arrival.

3. Our Electrician inspects and tests your Installation.

Any Class 1 or Class 2 faults rendering the Installation "Unsatisfactory" and any Class 3 faults will be described in a summary.
If there are more than six circuits, we will carry out detailed testing of 4 sample circuits so far
as practicalities allow. All sockets will be tested.
Lights and other accessories will be sampled and the fuse box examined.
The Earthing will be tested.

You will be emailed the summary and bill and asked for payment, though you are welcome
to pay on the day of the visit by cash, cheque or internet.

For your convenience, the EICR can be held up until any issues rendering the Installation "Unsatisfactory" are resolved.
You are free to have any faults fixed by ourselves or whoever you choose. Any such costs are billed separately.

If / when all is well we issue the "Satisfactory" EICR as a PDF within a few days. It is valid for 5 years.

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You pay ZERO VAT on our labour!

Trading from this site in Putney since 1994. Electrical works compliant with DCLG Approved Document P of the Building Regulations and British Standard IET Wiring Regulations BS 7671:2020 Requirements for Electrical Installations, as amended. All works have Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance. Copyright © 2005 Angel of Hope logo by Angel Kershaw.